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The birth of innovation does not only depend on technological advance, but also experiment building on existing knowledge can bring upon novelty different results. For this reason, even ordinary materials such as wood, glass, plastic and metal could become material innovation that challenge experience and perception of people beyond imagination. The insight on Visionnex’s behind the scenes does not only introduce a range of sophisticated materials, but also demonstrate new opportunities to develop materials and texture for numerous design and industrial use.
Visionnex’s working process is integration of knowledge, creativity and expertise in various technologies. Techniques can be applied to create sophisticated and multipurpose work. Therefore, within Visionnex’s factory is fully equipped with tools, equipment, creative design process, and the staff of quality forming Visionnex full potential to create full-service material production line from designing, manufacturing to finishing.
The core behind powerful machines within this factory are human intellect which is the main tool for commencing Visionnex’s process. In practical, an idea does not just vaguely go into machines but it has to go through test, development, realization of thoughts and imagination, technical skill, solution, and application. These elements turn machines into an ace up our sleeve for creating new materials at Visionnex. However, that is not the whole achievement. Machines at Visionnex are merely a tool to be utilized by human. Machine is not superior to human creativity. As Visionnex believes that human being is the best at works of craft, some pieces and process is semi-machinery manufacture in order to keep spirit in our materials and not lifeless pieces.
R & D Center
Before it becomes interesting materials, it has to undergone several research and experiment in order to achieve the expected result. “We have R&D who constantly experiments and develops new things as well as applies those materials to projects appropriately.”
Material Library
Within Visionnex’s factory, there is material archive storing sample material together with data ready to be used or further developed. Anyone interested can take a look at sample actual material to have a larger picture. As, in reality, those of importance in driving evolution of Visionnex of each era are customers who assign us challenging proposition from the past to the present.

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